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The pinnacle of meme coinexcellence in the Solana space


In the midst of the current bull run, the Solana ecosystem has emerged as the epicenter of Memecoins, surpassing the dominance previously held by platforms like Binance Smart Chain (BNB) and Ethereum (ETH). This seismic shift underscores the growing influence and potential of Solana within the crypto space. However, amidst the euphoria, inherent challenges persist within Solana's infrastructure for Memecoins, necessitating a solution that ensures the integrity and security of projects and investments.

During this bull run, Memepad will build the MemeVerse—an ecosystem of interlinked projects from the same narrative world. Each project will be presented as a new character in the MemeVerse world, ranging from GameFi to GambleFi, RWA, and Culture coins. The narrative will unfold over two years, with low market cap gems being launched as an extended story using comic books, animated shorts, and high-quality media covering all important sectors and topics affecting Memecoins. Memepad is not just a launchpad but a movement from Memecoins to MEMEcosystems.

MEMEPad Lore (Razz: The Ape Who Built an Unruggable Meme Empire)

Born in the sweltering heat of a Texas bitcoin mine, Razz was just another ape, forced to work as an engineer on the rigs. One day, he stumbled upon a secret underground room where other apes were trading Memecoins night and day to earn their freedom.

Razz quickly dove into the world of Memecoins, experiencing the wild highs and crushing lows of the market. Like many, he got lured into scams and rugs. One fateful day, as he saw the charts dipping, he impatiently and fearfully sold his moon bag, only to watch the biggest green candle spike he had ever seen engulf the chart. Furious at his decision, with all his fellow apes celebrating and him regretting his loss, he vowed never to make the same mistake again.

Determined to change his fate, Razz began to experiment on himself, making Memepotions, digesting tokens, and eventually even fusing his hands with diamonds to ensure he’d never panic sell again. With this newfound power, he returned to shitcoin trading, skyrocketing his portfolio in a matter of days to levels the other apes had never even seen, finally buying his freedom from the mines.

Still infuriated about the scams he had faced while in the mines and being reset multiple times, he realized that he couldn’t just be a trader forever. To reach the next level, he had to become the token launcher! He thought that if he could bring the apes still stuck in the mines just a few 100x coins, he could help them all escape.

Over the coming months, Razz poured his entire fortune into creating an unruggable platform. In his MEMELab, he spliced and remixed memes, using $MPAD, a rare element from his mining days, to amplify their power. After countless failed experiments and sleepless nights, Razz cracked the code to create the most legendary memes—memes with the power to sway markets, spark trends, and unite the Solanaverse degen community against the institution. He rallied an army of the most infamous degens and political leaders in society, forming a black ops team to launch MEMEPad, the hottest launchpad in crypto history. MEMEPad guaranteed secure, legendary Memecoin launches for all, becoming a wealth-generating machine for the degen community.

With MEMEPad, Razz and his army of apes conquered the Solanaverse, eliminating scammers and ruggers alike. Eventually, they took control of the USA, Europe, and soon the world. They lived the work-hard, play-hard lifestyle, partying all night, trading all day, and reveling in their newfound wealth and freedom.

With a 100% approval rating, MEMEFam became a symbol of hope and prosperity, showcasing the power of memes and the unbreakable bond of the degen community. And at the helm stood Razz, the diamond-handed ape who rose from despair and became a legend, forever changing the Solanaverse.

And what happened to Razz’s fellow apes in the bitcoin mines? Razz bought the mine, freed all the apes, and now gives away the bitcoin for free!

Market Analysis

The meteoric rise of Memecoins within the Solana ecosystem reflects a broader trend towards decentralized and community-driven projects. Solana's lightning-fast transaction speeds and lower fees have attracted a diverse array of meme enthusiasts and investors seeking to capitalize on the meme economy's potential.

However, the rapid proliferation of Memecoins has also exposed vulnerabilities, including the prevalence of rug pulls, scams, and projects with questionable fundamentals. These issues have led to significant financial losses for many investors and have tarnished the reputation of the meme coin sector.

These challenges underscore the critical need for a reliable and trustworthy platform that can vet and launch Memecoins with transparency and integrity. Such a platform would provide a safer environment for investors and foster the growth of high-quality projects within the ecosystem. Ensuring robust due diligence and implementing stringent security measures are essential steps to mitigate risks and build investor confidence.

Key Challenges

  • Trust and Transparency: The lack of regulatory oversight and transparency in the Memecoin space has fuelled skepticism among investors, making it difficult to distinguish between legitimate projects and potential scams. MEMEPad addresses this challenge by implementing stringent due diligence processes and transparent communication channels, thereby fostering trust and accountability within the community.

  • Security and Reliability: Rug pulls and exit scams pose significant risks to investors' funds and the overall credibility of the Memecoin market. MEMEPad prioritizes security and reliability by leveraging advanced smart contract auditing services and implementing robust security protocols to mitigate the risk of fraudulent activities. By ensuring the integrity of projects launched on its platform, MEMEPad aims to protect investors and uphold the credibility of the Solana meme economy.

  • Quality Control: The influx of Memecoins has led to a saturation of low-quality projects, making it challenging for investors to identify promising opportunities amidst the noise. MEMEPad addresses this issue by curating a select portfolio of high-quality Memecoins, rigorously vetting projects based on factors such as team credibility, project viability, and community engagement. By promoting only the most promising projects, MEMEPad aims to elevate the overall quality of the Memecoin market on Solana.

MEMEPad's Unique Value Proposition

MEMEPad distinguishes itself as the premier launchpad on Solana dedicated exclusively to Memecoins, offering a comprehensive suite of services designed to empower both project teams and investors:

  • Rigorous Due Diligence: MEMEPad conducts thorough background checks and audits on prospective projects, ensuring the authenticity of team members and evaluating the viability of project concepts. By conducting extensive due diligence, MEMEPad mitigates the risk of fraudulent projects and safeguards investors' interests.

  • Community Engagement: MEMEPad fosters an active and engaged community of Memecoin enthusiasts, providing a platform for open dialogue, collaboration, and idea-sharing. Through initiatives such as AMAs (Ask Me Anything) and community voting, MEMEPad empowers users to actively participate in the Memecoin ecosystem and shape the direction of the platform.

  • Exclusive Launches: MEMEPad curates a portfolio of high-quality Memecoins, ensuring that only the most innovative and promising projects are promoted. This selective approach helps elevate the overall quality of the Memecoin market on Solana.

  • Investor Protection: MEMEPad implements innovative mechanisms such as vesting schedules and token locks to protect investors from malicious actors and ensure the fair distribution of tokens. Additionally, MEMEPad offers insurance funds and reimbursement policies to compensate users in the event of unforeseen incidents or project failures, further enhancing investor protection and confidence.

  • Ongoing Support: MEMEPad provides ongoing support and guidance to project teams throughout the launch process, offering strategic advice, marketing assistance, and technical expertise to maximize their chances of success. By fostering a collaborative and supportive environment, MEMEPad empowers project teams to realize their vision and achieve their goals within the Solana meme economy.

What Is MemePad?

MEMEPad is designed to be the premier platform for launching meme tokens. Despite the massive market for memes within the crypto space, there has not been a dedicated launchpad specifically for meme tokens—until now.

MEMEPad's goal is to be more than just a launchpad; it aims to be the central hub for memes, both in its operations and in its token's identity. A standout benefit for our community and supporters is the opportunity to participate in exciting meme token launches and receive rewards through token airdrops.

By focusing exclusively on memes, MEMEPad offers a unique and engaging platform that brings together enthusiasts, investors, and project teams, fostering a vibrant and innovative ecosystem.

Tokenomics and Token Utility

MEMEPad will introduce its own native token, which, while not entirely frivolous like some meme coins, will be positioned and marketed using meme-based strategies. This approach is crucial because the market for meme-based tokens experiences significant activity during both bullish and bearish periods.

Here's a breakdown of the tokenomics for MEMEPad's native token:Tokenomics for MEMEPad's Native Token:

  • Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) (3%): Allocated for collaborations with influential figures in the crypto community to amplify MEMEPad's reach and credibility.

  • Early Community Investors (2%): Dedicated to facilitating pre-sales on MEMEPad, attracting quality projects and early investors to the platform

  • Strategic (14.5%): Dedicated to securing investments solely from Venture Capital firms and strategic partners.

  • Our Launchpad (7%): Dedicated to facilitating pre-sales on MEMEPad, attracting quality projects and early investors to the platform.

  • Public Sale (3%): Dedicated to facilitating pre-sales on MEMEPad, attracting quality projects and early investors to the platform.

  • Team (12%): This portion is allocated to the development team, ensuring ongoing enhancements and support for the MEMEPad platform.

  • Marketing (15%): Reserved for marketing efforts and platform development, driving awareness and adoption of MEMEPad and its native token.

  • Ecosystem Rewards/Staking/Liquidity Pool (LP) (14.5%): Incentivizes token holders through staking rewards, LP participation, and ecosystem contributions, fostering engagement and sustainability.

  • Development (9%): Dedicated to the growth and development of MEMEPad, ensuring future milestones are reached.

  • Airdrop (6%): Dedicated to facilitating community growth, brand awareness and reach through marketing efforts with airdrop rewards and bonuses.

  • DEX Liquidity (3%): Provides liquidity on decentralized exchanges, enhancing trading opportunities and stability for MEMEPad's native token.

  • Communith DEX Liquidity (3%): This facilitates collaboration with other Tier 1 projects, allowing their communities to stake tokens for rewards and strengthen liquidity pools post-marketing and around our CEX listing.

  • CEX/Base Liquidity (8%): Facilitates liquidity on centralized exchanges, expanding accessibility and trading volume for MEMEPad's token.

By strategically allocating these portions, MEMEPad aims to create a balanced and sustainable ecosystem that supports both immediate and long-term growth.

With a total supply of 10,000,000 tokens, this tokenomic structure is meticulously crafted to bolster the growth, liquidity, and intrinsic value of MEMEPad's native token within the dynamic crypto market.

Utilities of the MEMEPad Native Token

The MEMEPad native token offers a range of utilities, designed to evolve and expand over time to enhance its value proposition within the crypto market.

  1. Hold to Raise:

    • Wallets must maintain a specified token balance to initiate fundraising through the MEMEPad platform. This balance requirement adjusts based on the token price, ensuring eligibility for fundraising activities.

  2. Airdrop Access:

    • MEME coins launching or marketing through MEMEPad allocate tokens to the MEMEPad team. In return, these tokens are distributed to specific MEMEPad token holders as rewards. These rewards may include additional marketing incentives, such as activity-based rewards or leaderboards.

  3. MEMEPad Token Airdrops:

    • The MEMEPad token will be extensively utilized for marketing purposes, including collaborations with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and partnership campaigns. MEMEPad token holders also stand to receive MEMEPad token airdrops through engagement-driven mechanisms like weekly tournaments.

  4. Staking/Liquidity Provision (LP):

    • MEMEPad plans to introduce simple staking mechanisms through a dedicated portal, allowing token holders to stake their tokens and earn Annual Percentage Rate (APR) rewards. Additionally, token holders can provide liquidity to preferred liquidity pools (LPs), earning additional APR rewards and enhancing long-term token liquidity.

  5. Team-Based Burns:

    • The team periodically burns native tokens as part of marketing initiatives and to support token performance. While not a direct utility, this strategy optimizes the token's price performance and maximizes gains for holders.

  6. Memecoin Staking & Farming:

    • MEMEPad aims to integrate deeply with the Solana ecosystem by creating farming pools with tokens such as MPAD <> SOL, MPAD <> BONK, MPAD <> WIF. This brings liquidity to the MPAD token and provides opportunities for cross-marketing and token value accrual. Additionally, MEMECoins launched on MEMEPad may also create farms with MPAD, integrating the ecosystem via DeFi, providing rewards to participants in the Solana ecosystem.

Through these utilities, the MEMEPad native token offers diverse opportunities for engagement, rewards, and participation within the MEMEPad ecosystem, driving its growth and sustainability in the ever-evolving crypto landscape.

Launchpad Process

The MEMEPad launchpad aims to be a top choice for launching MEME tokens, offering a streamlined process with unique features that set it apart from other platforms. Here's a breakdown of how projects will launch on MEMEPad:

  1. Ape in Opportunity: Projects will offer early investment opportunities with limited project details, allowing investors to "ape in" at the start for potential bonuses.

  2. MEMEPad Team Support: The MEMEPad team provides support with strategy, marketing, and token development where applicable, ensuring projects have the necessary guidance for success.

  3. Project Information Release: Once sufficient project information is available, including blurbs and whitepapers, it is released to the community.

  4. Members Round: Members of the MEMEPad community have the first opportunity to participate in the token sale.

  5. Community Round: Following the members round, the token sale opens up to the wider community for participation.

  6. Launch on DEX: After the token sale rounds, the MEME project launches its token on decentralized exchanges (DEXs), providing liquidity and enabling trading to begin.

  7. Moon!!!: With the token launched and trading underway, the project aims for success and growth in the market, symbolized by reaching the moon.

Through this streamlined staggered process, MEMEPad offers projects a platform to raise funds efficiently, while also providing opportunities for MEMEPad token holders to participate directly in MEME token launches and benefit from exclusive airdrops and rewards.

Project Incubation

MEMEPad aims to strategically position itself with projects by providing a full suite of incubation and advisory services tailored to each company and team. These services span from initial documentation and ideation to comprehensive tokenomics and marketing campaigns. The initial layout for the timeline is as follows:

Phase 1: Ideation

  • Tokenomics and token economy creation

  • Whitepaper design and ideation

  • Pitchdeck design and ideation

  • Website design and ideation

  • Blurb design and ideation

Phase 2: Partners and Initial Traction

  • Onboarding of Initial Backers & Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

  • Small early Community Raise

Phase 3: Structure and Launch

  • Building the Product

  • Launching more features on the site

  • Developing Marketing Plans

  • Creating Content

  • Arranging Network and Partnerships:

    • Launchpads

    • Market Makers

    • Exchange Listings

    • KOL Round

    • VC Funds

    • Company Partners

Phase 4: Marketing

Executing marketing campaigns to raise funds from MEMEPad and then token launch marketing, including Token launch events.

Marketing Strategies:

  • Leveraging Influencers

  • Token Promotions

  • Airdrops with Custom Task Marketplace

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Forming Partnerships

  • Utilizing Multiple Launchpad Raisings

  • Securing Exchange Listings

  • Implementing AI and Contests

  • Encouraging User-Generated Content

Hiring Team

Recruiting various team members, including:

  • Translators for Turkish, Vietnamese, and CIS languages

  • Additional roles as needed

By following this structured timeline and implementing comprehensive strategies, MEMEPad aims to provide unparalleled support to projects, ensuring their successful launch and growth within the crypto space.

Marketing Plan

The marketing strategy for MEMEPad plays a pivotal role in ensuring the project's success, with a primary focus on achieving positive token performance and managing liquidity effectively. Here's a detailed breakdown of the marketing strategies employed by MEMEPad:

KOL Marketing:

MEMEPad leverages Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) across three specific types:

  • Gem/Meme-Based KOLs: Collaborating with influencers deeply ingrained in the meme community to tap into their interests and preferences.

  • Trading-Based KOLs: Engaging with experts to analyze token price action and provide insights based on technical analysis (TA).

  • Launchpad Promotion KOLs: Utilizing KOLs to discuss MEMEPad's launchpad capabilities and promote awareness of the platform itself.

Launchpad Pollination:

  • MEMEPad serves as a central hub for meme coins to launch, attracting significant attention in the community-driven market space. This strategy not only highlights MEMEPad's launchpad capabilities but also increases visibility and brings in more token holders.

Airdrops and Campaigns:

  • Utilizing both native tokens and other tokens, MEMEPad conducts marketing activities across social platforms to enhance brand awareness and exposure. Airdrops and campaigns are employed to engage with the audience and increase brand visibility effectively.

Token Performance:

  • Launching MEMEPad's native token at a low market capitalization maximizes the likelihood of solid price performance. MEMEPad recognizes the importance of strong token performance in the meme token market and makes it a core focus of its marketing strategy to attract investors and drive demand for the token.

Additional Applications

MEMEPad introduces additional applications to enhance user engagement and promote community involvement within the MEMEPad ecosystem. These features are designed to support the growth of MEMECoins and increase the value accrual of the MEMEPad token over time. Let's explore these applications:

  1. Voting Rights:

    • Token holders can propose and vote on new memecoins, enabling community-driven decision-making and fostering a sense of ownership within the ecosystem.

  2. Early Access:

    • MEMECoin launch pools are available to members before being shared with the wider community, offering early access opportunities at a slightly discounted price. This feature becomes increasingly important as the MEMEPad community matures.

  3. Bonus Allocations:

    • Depending on the amount of MEMEPad tokens held, token holders can invest higher amounts into sales, with bonus allocations ranging from 50% to 500% based on membership levels. This incentivizes token accumulation and maximizes distribution among users.

  4. Instant Liquidity:

    • Memecoins are launched as liquidity pools with no lockups or vesting periods, ensuring instant tradability on decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

  5. No Rug Pulls:

    • Smart contracts undergo thorough audits, and ownership is renounced, providing users with confidence in the security of the platform and a 0% chance of rug pulls.

  6. APR Catalyst:

    • Members receive higher Annual Percentage Rate (APR) rewards when staking meme coin tokens to provide liquidity, benefiting both stakers and liquidity providers.

  7. Increase Airdrop Points:

    • Airdrop points are multiplied based on membership levels, rewarding active participation and engagement within the MEMEPad community.

These additional features reinforce the community-centric nature of MEMEPad and facilitate the growth of MEMECoins while promoting the accumulation of MEMEPad tokens. By offering innovative ways to engage with the platform and providing tangible benefits for users, MEMEPad creates a balanced ecosystem that aligns with its intended purpose and target audience.


Smart Contract:

The MEMEPad smart contract orchestrates token launches and distributions in a fully decentralized manner, differentiating itself from centralized alternatives. Once a token is listed, all subsequent processes occur automatically on-chain. This includes distributing funds for token DEX liquidity and project treasuries. Purchased tokens are subject to vesting locks, if specified by the project's tokenomics. Investors can claim their tokens linearly as they unlock. After the pre-sale phase, tokens are automatically launched on Raydium, ensuring seamless and secure transactions.

Rug Protection Mechanisms in MEMEPad:

In the volatile landscape of cryptocurrencies, MEMEPad prioritizes investor security by implementing robust rug protection mechanisms. Here's how we safeguard our investors:

  1. Rigorous Project Vetting: MEMEPad conducts comprehensive evaluations of all projects before listing. This includes scrutinizing whitepapers, websites, team backgrounds, and other relevant information. Projects meeting our high standards for potential, legitimacy, and team commitment are approved. Community voting mechanisms are also being explored to enhance transparency and engagement.

  2. Mandatory Founder KYC: We mandate a Know Your Customer (KYC) process for all project founders, in collaboration with reputable partners. This ensures the credibility and accountability of founders, mitigating the risk of fraudulent activities associated with anonymity.

  3. Structured Token Vesting: MEMEPad facilitates automatic token locking and vesting based on pre-determined tokenomics structures. Tokens are locked in smart contracts and claimable linearly on the MEMEPad platform according to predetermined plans. This prevents immediate dumping by teams and advisors, fostering long-term commitment and stability.

  4. Automated Token Launch & Liquidity Pool Locking: During fundraising, a percentage of each investment is automatically allocated by our smart contract for the liquidity pool. After completion, the liquidity pool is automatically launched on Raydium. Liquidity tokens are then burned, safeguarding against rug pulls and ensuring token availability for trading.

These mechanisms ensure a secure and transparent environment for launching and investing in memecoins, fostering investor confidence and promoting the growth of legitimate projects.


MEMEPad features a tailor-made task marketplace where users can complete tasks and earn points for airdrops. This interactive platform incentivizes community engagement and provides opportunities to earn rewards for meaningful contributions. Tasks include social engagement, custom links, and API integrations, offering a wide range of engagement possibilities. Rewards are distributed in a point system, redeemable for airdrops, NFTs, and other project-defined incentives, fostering a dynamic and engaging community ecosystem.


The MEMEPad Telegram bot seamlessly integrates with the launchpad on Telegram, allowing users to conveniently monitor their activity within the platform. Additionally, Telegram games offer further engagement opportunities, enhancing user experience and interaction within the MEMEPad community.

Raise Details

MEMEPad has meticulously planned a series of fundraising events for its token launch:

KOL Raise:

The initial fundraising phase involves collaborating with influential Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) who can provide both capital and support in marketing to their communities. Approximately $100,000 USD is earmarked for this raise, which will be allocated towards developing a robust website, launching the token, and initiating initial marketing efforts.

Strategic Round:

The Strategic round aims to secure investments solely from Venture Capital firms, with a total investment target of $500,000 USD. This funding will cover further development, marketing, hiring, and other outlined costs, ensuring the project's comprehensive growth and sustainability.

Public Round:

The Public round focuses on raising funds from multiple Initial DEX Offering (IDO) launchpads, with a target investment of $280,000 USD. This additional funding will extend the project's runway and cover costs for an additional 24 months, enhancing financial stability and allowing for continued development and expansion.

Presale Optimization:

During the presale period, it is paramount to optimize fundraising efforts to ensure sufficient capital for a robust marketing push at the launch while maintaining liquidity. The presale fundraising will not have a specific limit, prioritizing the generation of liquidity and support for marketing activities to maximize the project's success.

Raise Allocations:

The allocations for the fundraising rounds are as follows:

  • KOL Raise: $100,000 USD

  • Strategic Round: $500,000 USD

  • Public Round: $280,000 USD

MEMEPad Tokenomics:

By strategically planning and executing these fundraising events, MEMEPad aims to secure the necessary capital for a successful token launch, ensuring robust marketing efforts and adequate liquidity to support the project's growth and development.

For detailed information on MEMEPad's tokenomics, please refer to the sharable documents: Raise Allocations: Memepad Investment Allocations Memepad Tokenomics: sharable MEMEPadTokenomics.xlsx


The MEMEPad roadmap delineates a strategic journey towards establishing a robust and thriving ecosystem for meme tokens on the Solana blockchain. Spanning from ideation to product launch and ecosystem scaling, each stage is meticulously planned to ensure progressive evolution and impactful growth of MEMEPad as a leading launchpad and community hub for meme tokens.

Stage 1 - Ideation:

This foundational stage involves brainstorming ideas, crafting the whitepaper, and outlining the comprehensive plan for the project's development.

Stage 2 - KOL Round:

Collaboration with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to garner support and drive marketing initiatives, leveraging their influence to expand the project's reach.

Stage 3 - Community Growth:

Focus shifts towards community expansion, website development, and kickstarting presale marketing efforts to engage potential investors.

Stage 4 - Presale Initiation:

Initiation of the presale phase on the website, with a primary emphasis on fostering social growth and community participation.

Stage 5 - Pre Launch Marketing:

Intensification of marketing endeavors in the lead-up to the official launch, including token issuance and meticulous preparation of liquidity.

Stage 6 - Token Launch:

Official launch of the token accompanied by robust marketing campaigns aimed at accelerating its adoption and establishing its presence in the market.

Stage 7 - Strong Token Performance:

Dedicated efforts towards achieving a robust token performance, securing listings on centralized exchanges (CEX), and forging strategic partnerships to bolster the project's credibility and visibility.

Stage 8 - Product Launch:

Scaling of the ecosystem and official introduction of the product to the market, marking a significant milestone in MEMEPad's journey towards becoming a prominent player in the meme token space.

Stage 9 - Moon:

Aiming for the stars as MEMEPad, its ecosystem, and its token soar to new heights, achieving unprecedented success and recognition within the crypto community.

Through meticulous planning and strategic execution, MEMEPad endeavors to navigate through each stage of its roadmap, realizing its vision of revolutionizing the meme token landscape on Solana.

Are you ready?

MEMEPad stands as a pioneering force within the Solana memecoin ecosystem, offering a secure and forward-thinking platform for meme projects to flourish. With its robust tokenomics structure, diverse utilities, strategic marketing approach, and clear roadmap, MEMEPad is poised to redefine memecoin launches and empower investors within the meme economy, fostering a dynamic and enduring ecosystem for meme enthusiasts and investors alike.

Looking ahead, if MEMEPad successfully achieves its objectives for execution and growth, the vision extends beyond its current scope. The aspiration is to evolve into a community-driven, decentralized venture capital entity known as MEME Capital (more information on MEME Capital to be added at a later stage). This transformation will unlock early-stage investment opportunities for token holders, further empowering the community and reaffirming the commitment to innovation and sustainability in the Memecoin space.

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